Care Guide

Marie Joelle Jewelry uses the highest quality Sterling Silver and Gold plating available. Each piece is carefully treated and inspected in order to ensure that the quality outlasts daily wear and tear. Our designer, Marie Joelle, has personally worn each piece daily to test the quality and durability of her jewelry pieces.

Although Marie Joelle Jewelry uses the highest quality plating available in Bali, the plated jewelry can sometimes have a reaction to the wearers unique body chemistry as the Rose Gold color is created by using metals such as copper. In order to maintain the gold plating for as long as possible, we suggest storing your pieces in an air tight plastic ziplock bag.

Marie Joelle Jewelry signature designs feature a balance of strong geometric patterns and delicate settings. Please carefully remove the pieces before changing clothing or styling hair in order to prevent the piece from snagging on clothes or getting tangled in hair and causing damages.


Your carving is a porous material and over time absorbs oils from your body turning the color to a soft honey. To bring back the shine, simply buff it with a soft cloth.

In ancient times, the high gloss polished finish of bone carvings was achieved by the wearer rubbing it, often in prayer over many years. Many cultures all over the world believe that bone takes on the spirit of those who wear it so the more color it develops, the more highly it is treasured.