The Brand


Marie Joelle Larocque's designs are an expression of the souls journey. Each piece is intended to illuminate ones being from the inside out; created to be layered and worn as a reminder of our connectedness to nature and the universe. As she continues on her divinely guided journey, her collection continues to grow. Jewels interweave peacefully with a balance of ancient symbology and modern design. Each piece is elegantly crafted by hand in Bali Indonesia.

Marie Joelle's personal journey, connection to crystals and fascination with sacred geometry is the main inspiration for her jewelry. The symmetrical patterns of the mandalas are found and repeated in all living things on a micro and macro level, which creates a spiritual understanding of the significance and purpose in all of existence.

Mandalas have been known to have healing and revealing attributes. They contain the secrets to the universe and are imprinted on every cell of all living things. They have inspired cultures and individuals since the beginning of humankind. It is an ancient science and a sacred language referred to as " the blueprint for all of creation" and " the harmonic configuration of the soul". The patterns have the ability to balance human energy fields and can assist in spiritual growth and one's healing in many dimensions. Sacred Geometry is used by many spiritual seekers as a sacred tool for conscious evolution.

As we discover our connectedness to all that is, we can begin to understand how to use nature's gifts to assist us with our personal healing and expansion on our sacred journey. The patterns, stones and designs used in the creation of Marie Joelle Jewelry have been chosen for this function. Each piece has a purpose, a history and a specific intention. Each unique piece is handmade with attention to detail by craftsmen who have this belief within their heart and express this thru their mastery of skill.

Marie Joelle Jewelry adorns the beauty and perfection within; created to enhance all that is. The magnificence of who you are inside and out.